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Why do so many students come to us for an article critique when they seem too easy? After all, criticizing is often very easy, and it is fun too, so why do we receive so many requests for article critiques?

Why Do Students Desperately Need An Article Critique Completed By Us?

Students frequently fail their article critique projects and have to rush to us to write them a fresh new one. An article critique is actually far more difficult than most students assume, and here is why:

  • An article critiques usually involve critiquing a journal article, and many of them are complex and require a lot of thought and understanding.
  • Formatting an article critique is very difficult because you have to reference particular sections of an article.
  • Students have to give their opinion and qualified thought on the writer’s methods, approach, major conclusion, execution and hypothesis.
  • Many students do not know how to express a qualified thought on an issue to the point where their article critique looks like a layperson’s opinion.
  • Most students have no idea of the many points and questions they need to address when writing their article critique.
  • Many students do not know how to separate emotional judgments from clinical or academic judgments. .
  • It is difficult to know for sure if an article writer has done adequate research and/or used the correct research method.

As you can see by our list of common mistakes that students make, there are plenty of reasons why your professor may return your article critique. Come to us right away, and we will help you avoid the embarrassment of having your essay returned to you.

Why Use Our Article Critique Writing Service?

Besides the fact that our writers do not make the same mistakes that students make (listed above), our writers also have years of experience writing article critiques. You would also be surprised as how many professors set their students the same projects year after year. There is a good chance that your writer knows everything there is to know about the article you need critiquing because our writer has written a critique on that article numerous times.

Get An Article Critique That Looks Like You Wrote It

The way students write article critiques and the way that professional academics write article critiques is rather different. Our writers are able to tailor your article critique to be sure it looks like a student wrote it.

Why Are We World Renown For Our Writing Services?

Our service is confidential and our prices are very fair. We do not copy or plagiarize in any way, and we do not re-sell old article critiques from other years. All of our writers are English speaking with English as their first language, and every writer on staff has at least a degree. Вon’t wait until it is too late and then ask us to quickly write your critique. Instead, place your order when you first receive your project parameters and enjoy our lower prices for longer deadlines. Order today and enjoy a better price.


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