The Best and the Worst Student Habits (Infographic)

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When you get up, you have the habit to get a cup of hot coffee. You’re convinced that your system needs this coffee, so it could wake up. If you wake up later than usual and you don’t have time for that hot cup, you’re sleepy all day. You even get a headache. You’re convinced that it’s all because you skipped the coffee.

Well here’s the big news for you: it’s just a habit. You’re perfectly aware that you can go through the day without coffee, but the habitual patterns force you to keep drinking it.

If you observe your daily life, you’ll notice other habits, too. Maybe you bite your nails. Maybe you exercise in the morning. Maybe you can’t stop the skin picking habit even though you know it’s bad for the health and appearance of your skin. Maybe you have a habit to study every day, so you’ll keep the knowledge fresh.

Speaking of studying, did you know it’s a habit, too? The way you approach your responsibilities at college is dependent upon habits. Some of them are good, others are bad.

Why is this important?

When you understand your habits, you’ll be able to control them. If you want to stop drinking coffee, for example, you’ll first start observing the habitual patterns. Then you’ll start changing them bit by bit, by implementing subtle shifts in your behavior.

The same thing is possible with your studying habits.

You’ll start by noticing them. Then, you’ll set personal goals. You’ll want to reinforce the good ones. You’ll want to get rid of the bad ones and introduce more productive behavioral patterns in your day.

It all starts by recognizing your habits. Are you ready to pay attention to them?

First, you need a list that identifies the bad and good habits, right? took care of that. Through direct contact with students, this writing service identified the best and worst studying habits. The infographic gives you a great list that will make you aware of your own behavior. Check it out!

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