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Writing a Dissertation: The Rules and Steps of the Process

Writing a dissertation can be one out of two things: a success or a failure. This paper marks your way into the expert field you have been pursuing, as well as the end of your education in the institution you are enrolled in.

All this makes it a lengthy piece to write, as well as a complex one. For a dissertation, you need to complete several stages, including:

  • Choose a researchable and good topic for your dissertation – The topic is not something to be taken lightly. Your task is to select an interesting, researchable topic for your dissertation.

  • Write a dissertation proposal – One of the key dissertation services we are proud of is those of assisting you in writing the dissertation proposal.

  • Working with and following the instruction of the committee members – Your dissertation must be accepted by the committee members. This makes it essential to work on the paper by following their instructions.

  • Conducting in-depth research

  • Writing your dissertation while dealing with writer’s block, managing your focus, organizing and revising

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Dissertation Topics and How to Choose Them

Your topic will greatly depend on the field you are studying, but should also be based on other factors.

Firstly, it should be something you are genuinely interested in pursuing. This will help you maintain the motivation, focus, and fight off writer’s block. If you don’t find your dissertation interesting for research, you are very unlikely to be motivated long enough to finish it well.

Secondly, you need to approach the topic from a research point of view. A topic of a dissertation must be researchable and relevant, as well as necessary for the academic field.

Examples of Good Dissertation Topics

For example, students who study marketing should look into topics they can actually research and are fun to read, such as:

Impact of Online Marketing on the Smaller Organizations, or

Influence of the Advertising on Behavior of Consumers.

The same applies to other academic fields. If you wish to write a dissertation in the field of technology management, a topic such as ‘Strategic Information System Planning’ would be too broad and general.

You won’t be able to narrow this down. However, making it more specific will make the topic both researchable and make your writing much simpler. A fine example of this is: ‘Strategic Information System Planning for Investment Banks’.

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