Proofreading Services

Our proofreaders are standing by to help you check your work. Don’t make the mistake of spending weeks of your time writing the perfect essay, only to have it fail because your grammar confused the meaning of your text. Pass your work on to our editing and proofreading team, and our academic text checkers will purge your essay of all its mistakes.

Skipping Crucial Details Will Damage Your Essay Mark

Our professional proofreading services have seen many cases of students who cannot understand why they have scored so poorly because they were unaware that their essay was poorly proofread. Incorrectly constructing sentences, using the wrong words, and even simple typos, are enough to misconstrue the meaning of your essay and land you with a failing grade.

Why Do So Many Students Use Proofreading Services?

The most obvious reason is that proofreading is boring. When you have just finished the harrowing task of writing your essay, the last thing you want to do it go over it line after line to look for mistakes.

Proofreading is boring because you are checking words in a sterile and clinical manner. It wouldn’t be so bad if you were proofreading somebody else’s work because at least then you could enjoy reading something new, but you do not have that pleasure when you proofread your own work because you already know what is written.

What Are The Most Common Proofreading Mistakes?

Oddly enough, the most common mistake that students make is a side effect of the boredom they feel when they proofread their own work. Many students accidentally start to skim read their own work. They go from diligent-proofreading mode to skim-reading mode because they know what they wrote, and as their mind wanders, they engage their memory and start to remember what they wrote rather than reading the lines before them. It only takes a momentary lapse in concentration, and a student will start skim-reading his or her own work and start missing his or her errors.

What Is The Second Most Common Mistakes?

The second common mistake is part and parcel of our modern over reliance on spellcheckers. Spellcheckers cannot identify correctly spelled typos. Students are lulled into a false sense of security because they think their spellchecker caught all the mistakes. That is why you should seriously consider using our proofreading services, even if you think your essay is error free.

What Is The Third Most Common Mistake?

The third most common mistake, and one that our professional proofreading services deal with every day, is contradiction errors. These are simple mistakes that squash a student’s chances of ever achieving a high grade. A slight slip of word here or a poorly written sentence there, and suddenly a student’s mark drops from 90% to 75%.

What Solutions Do We Offer?

Our proofreaders will pore over every word you have written to ensure that your work is grammatically perfect. We check for contradictions, balance, word variety, word suitability, and spelling. Our writers are brilliant when it comes to the misuse of words, which is a common error these days because many students do not know the difference. Some students do not know that words such as Addicting are not real words. We purge your essay of any misused or incorrect words to ensure your essay is academically credible and primed for a top mark. Process and submit your proofreading order today–it could be the best decision you make this year!!!